How This Miraculous Sleep Formula Can Help Promote Rest And Slow Down Your Aging!
(Hint... it's not what you think.)

Do you struggle to get at least 8 hours of sleep?


Does it sometimes take you longer than 15 minutes to “shut down” your brain and fall asleep?

Do you sometimes toss and turn during the night... getting restless, frustrating sleep?

And when you wake up... does the skin on your face look like it aged overnight? (Maybe looking 5 or 10 years older?)

Now, imagine falling asleep almost as soon as your head hits the pillow... and STAYING asleep through the entire night...

...and making your skin look refreshed and more youthful... something you NEVER thought was possible.

But little would you know this sleep solution you’re about to learn can help promote REAL rest... making you look and feel more revitalized.

Youthful looking skin... huge boost in mental and physical energy... and an increase in daytime productivity because you just got the rest you’ve been craving.

No More Sleepless Nights, Tossing ‘n Turning, Or Lying In Bed Unable To “Shut Down” Your Brain...

In this FREE health report, you will discover award-winning research that may help “slow down” your biological aging... and get you sleeping like a teenager again.

"Could The Shortening Of These CHROMOSOME CAPS Be Aging You Faster?"

Take a look at these “caps” at the end of your chromosomes.

These are called telomeres.

They help “hold together” your chromosomes... the plastic tips on your shoelaces.


These chromosome caps make sure your chromosomes tips don’t “fray” and mess up your genetic information.

...and YOUR telomeres could be shortening at an alarming rate due to your continuous bad sleeping habits.3

And here's the real SHOCKER...

Research published in Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care found a correlation between the shortening of telomeres and the “speeding up” of one’s lifespan.1 other words, when your telomeres are shortened because of bad quality’s like pressing the fast forward button on your age.


And when you begin to suffer from premature aging due to bad sleep, you could start to experience...

  • Dull, lifeless skin
  • Dark circles around eyes or “raccoon eyes”
  • Bags under eyes
  • Increase of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Feeling older
  • Severe lack of energy
  • Loss of motivation
  • More aches and pains in the morning
  • ...and even WORSE sleep.
...AND NO ONE wants to look and feel older than their actual age.

EVERYONE wants to look and feel youthful with tons of energy... like being 30 again...

And to be honest...

NOTHING is more embarrassing than when you know other people are beginning to notice your day-to-day exhaustion... just by looking at your appearance...

How much bad sleep will you endure before you look like this WAY too soon?
Now, here’s a question for you...

What if you found out that your sleeping patterns and the speeding up of your age may have very little to do with...

  • ...your consumption of caffeine after 1PM
  • ...your newly purchased mattress
  • ...your late night TV viewing
  • ...your habit of sleeping in on the weekends

Could it be... that everything you've been told isn’t completely true?

Could it be that not only ​those things are what's REALLY causing your bad sleep?

It turns out...

...there’s something deep inside you that helps regulate your sleep-cycle.

And it’s not being talked about today.

It’s called your “sleep mechanism.”

Your “sleep mechanism”helps you get incredible sleep at night, massive energy during the day, and help slow down your aging... getting you feeling younger than you have in years.


...and when this “sleep mechanism” is JAMMED...or simply not functioning as it should be... then it could be what's causing you to lie in bed wide awake...

...staring at your ceiling in frustration.

Or worse... like lying in bed awake with your eyes closed but you CANNOT stop your darn mental loop...

You’re just lying there thinking about work... finances... and the next day’s events.

Then it REALLY hits you... can’t sleep like you used to.

What if you could FIX your
occasional sleep problem... help slow down your aging... and get REAL sleep ​ without feeling groggy EVER again?

Now, it all begins with a discovery that was recently awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

It’s 100% true. And people dealing with occasional uncomfortable sleeping issues like yourself are listening...

The 3 scientists that were awarded The 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine have figured out the KEY to GREAT sleep that may help REVERSE your premature aging... But you can CHANGE your sleep issues... and help “slow down” your aging... today. It only takes 5 seconds.

So, if you, like so many millions of Americans suffer with occasional bad quality of sleep… frustrated tossing and turning...waking up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep…“older looking” skin problems…and brain fog during the day...

Then you need to read this free report until the end... it could be what you’ve been looking for...

What You’re About To Learn May Help...
  • Promote peaceful rest
  • Calm your senses at night
  • Lower stress hormones
  • Balance sleep hormones
  • Improve your sleep-wake cycle
  • Boost brain functions
  • Slow down your aging process
Think of it this way... This solution is like WD-40 for your “sleep mechanism.” It helps give your SLEEP GEARS a major “tune-up” for a perfect sleep state.

And you’ll know it when you FINALLY achieve GREAT sleep... the kind of sleep you deserve.

You’ll feel it...

You’ll see it...

Pretty soon, you’ll wake up in the morning and spring out of bed almost like you shaved years off your actual age...

And your telomeres that were once being bombarded 24/7 due to your CONSTANT sleep deprivation...

...are now getting more aligned with your REAL age!

You'll look at yourself in the mirror and be COMPLETELY stunned.


Imagine what consistent healthy sleeping patterns can do for your face...

What REAL rest can do for your whole body and mind...

So, now that you’ve learned all of this new material...

You need to ask yourself this one very important question:

How many more nights of
HORRIBLE sleep will you put up with before you decide to make a change?
Quick Tip: If you’re hitting the snooze button... then you’re probably not getting the sleep you deserve.

As you’ll soon find out... the solution for ​​effective rest​... is WAY easier than you might think... and it’s been around for ​AGES​.

Keep Reading To Learn About The Shocking Truth In Modern Medicine (...Access Is Only Temporary, So Please Review it Now)

Right now...millions of people are trying to fall asleep the wrong way.

People are being suckered into all sorts of methods that supposedly help promote healthy sleeping patterns.

But as it turns out...

...many of those “shall not be named”sleeping methods…don’t work at all.

The Great
Sleeping Problem Epidemic​
Why You’re STILL Not Getting Effective Rest Even When You Feel You’ve Tried Everything...

Sleepless nights are out of control... and giant corporations are making BILLIONS 8 from sleeping alternatives.

...and guess what?

They’re NOT working.


...because the “shall not be named”solutions from these giant corporations are barely helping ... and what’s worst…your body can get used to the remedy.


Now, if you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to fall asleep on a regular basis... then the following information may sound all too familiar...

Now get this…many of these “shall not be named”methods could be habit forming with side effects such as:

  • Tingling in the arms and legs
  • Appetite changes
  • Diarrhea
  • Balance issues/dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Gas
  • Headache
  • Heartburn
  • Mental/memory/attention problems
  • Stomach pain
  • Uncontrollable shaking
  • Weakness
...and it could get worse.

Some people may also experience disturbing sleep behaviors 5, including things like sleep-walking, sleep-eating, and even sleep-driving...


Individuals, such as yourself, who are currently experiencing occasional low-quality sleep can experience something called the sleep “rebound effect”...

...and you can achieve it... AND IT’S EASIER THAN YOU THINK.

This sleep “rebound effect”helps get your “sleep mechanism”to naturally “sync-up”with sunrise and sunset without giving up some of your favorite late-night comfort routines like watching TV before bed....



TIP 1: Reboot your “sleep mechanism” you can fall asleep fast and wake up feeling refreshed... revealed further on this page.

TIP 2: Restore the specific sleep hormones that control your sleep wake cycle you’re not stuck taking harmful pills.

TIP 3: Develop a healthy habit of going to bed at the same time every you get consistent quality sleep.


Question for you...

Why aren’t so called experts talking about your “sleep mechanism”?

Could it be that research on why you could sometimes be experiencing bad sleeping habits has been buried? (Until now...)

...below is the real reason you might not be sleeping that great and making you look and feel older than your real age.


Now... ​you might be asking yourself, “What does a fruit fly have to do with my sleep?”

You remember earlier about the “sleep mechanismbreakthrough that was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine...?


Those scientists studied the “biological clock” of fruit flies by isolating the gene that controls the flies' sleep-wake cycle.

...and in doing so... they were able to determine the flies’ “sleep mechanism” ... which is called the circadian rhythm.

From their research, they were able to explain how the “biological clocks” in plants, animals, and even human beings are in-sync with the earth’s revolutions.2

And according to your
bad sleep, your circadian rhythm could be “out of sync” with
the earth’s revolutions...

...and when your circadian rhythm is even slightly “out of sync” ... your sleep hormones could be imbalanced with the day and night.

In other words...

Your mind and body are not aligned with an effective normal SLEEP CYCLE...

Your circadian rhythm is your sleep mechanism that helps regulate your sleep hormone levels.

During your wake period, your stress hormone levels go up.
During your rest period, your stress hormone levels go down.

Your “off” circadian rhythm could be the real reason you fall asleep too early, or too late... and receive restless “toss ‘n turn” sleep during the night.

Your imbalanced sleep hormones could ALSO be the reason why your telomeric age is much older than your real age...

In Order To Get REAL Sleep That Lasts Through The Night... What You Need To Do Is RE-ALIGN Your Circadian Rhythm With The Morning And Night

And the answer isn't cheaply made sleep supplements you find at your local grocery store...

The KEY to re-aligning your circadian rhythm is to “reboot”your mind and body... every single night.

What you need is that “rebound effect”... where your sleep and energy hormones can finally​ sync in harmony with the earth’s revolutions...


The answer is in a combination of special herbs that may help support your “sleep mechanism” ... and promote REAL rest.


These natural Chinese herbs have the power to help re-align your sleep-wake cycle...

...causing your mind and body to get into an effective SLEEP CYCLE.

And after YEARS of digging... there is FINALLY a trustworthy source that can deliver a REAL sleep support to the general public. It passes all the tests...
  • It helps promote “mindful rest”
  • Helps re-align your circadian rhythm (aka “sleep mechanism”)
  • Calms your frustrating “mental loop”
  • Assists with mind and body “reboot”
  • Is non-habit forming... ​(this is HUGE for many people)
  • Been used as traditional medicine for centuries

These herbs work together to restore and balance your sleep-wake hormones to help encourage a perfect state of relaxation at night... and promote effectiveness during the day... without feeling groggy ever again.

...and promote effectiveness during the day... without feeling groggy ever again.

Unlike other cheaply made sleep aid supplements that contain fillers and unnecessary additives... this all-natural support contains pure ingredients that have been extracted from the source...

So, if you finally want to fall asleep naturally, and wake up feeling rested every morning, then you can claim this ancient sleeping aid down below... if it’s still available.

Introducing The Only Sleep Support That May Help RESET Your Body Clock... Restore Your Sleeping Patterns...and Help Slow Down Your Aging...
  • Improves Sleep Patterns: Calm brain and body for mindful rest
  • Helps Effectiveness: Help rid “brain fog” for better brain functions during the day
  • Reduces Nervousness: Slow down “mental loop” and calm your senses
  • Prevent Premature Aging: Get “biological clock” back on track
  • Ease muscle tension: May help lessen muscle stress.
  • Feel more positive: Help calm “mind tension” for better sleep
It’s all because of the ancient Chinese herbs that have been used for centuries... These Natural Herbs QUICKLY Work To “Reboot” Your Circadian Rhythm.. And Help Slow Premature Aging.
  • 1

    The “WD-40” For Your Sleep Gears: Skullcap Root is an ancient Chinese medicine that’s been used for YEARS. This ingredient may help relax your mind and help improve your “sleep mechanism”and encouraging deep slumber.​

  • 2

    The Sleep Promoter: Valerian Root is a medicinal herb has been used since the time of ancient Greece and Rome. ​It's properties may help promote better sleeping patterns.

  • 3

    The Nerve Calmer: GABA (Gamma-Amino Butyric acid) is a powerful amino acid that may help calm nervous activity and help you receive peaceful rest.

  • 4

    The Sleep Adjuster: Melatonin may help support your “internal clock”and help maintain a healthier and more effective sleep rhythm.

  • 5

    The Hormone Balancer: Vitamin B6 may help improve your awake cortisol levels, and get you into a better “sleep-cycle” for more productivity during the day and better sleep at night.

  • 6

    The Body Relaxer: Calcium is a natural sleep aid that helps convert tryptophan into melatonin, which can help relax your brain and prepare your body for deep sleep.

  • 7

    The Stress Fighter: Magnesium is a mineral that may help lower the “stress hormone” cortisol, increase muscle relaxation, and reduce symptoms of insomnia.

  • 8

    The Tension Reliever: Chamomile is known as a “calming stress reliever.” This herbal ingredient helps reduce nervousness and prepares your mind for bed.

  • 9

    The Brain Soother: Inositol is a compound that helps activate serotonin to calm your brain and help you go to sleep.

  • 10

    The Peacemaker: Hops are known to help improve sleep quality. This natural flower can also help relieve restlessness, tension, and nervousness.

  • 11

    The Meditator: L-taurine is an amino acid that helps lessen your “running thoughts” that causes you lie in bed awake. L-taurine raises your GABA level, calms your nervous system, and lower feelings of the day’s stressors.

  • 12

    The Ancient Alleviator: Passion Flower was used by Native Americans and Aztecs for its powerful sedative and healing abilities. This herbal remedy may help alleviate muscle tension and promote body and mind calmness.

“I fell asleep within 20 minutes, which is AMAZING for me considering it usually would take me close to two hours...”

“I tried LumaDream for 30 days. I have nervousness at night which makes it hard for me to fall asleep because my mind wants to keep going. I have tried everything but I and would still wake-up feeling groggy. Since taking LumaDream, ​I fell asleep within 20 minutes, which is amazing for me considering it usually would take me close to two hours. I found that I wake up less and I definitely did not have that groggy feeling. I didn’t realize how getting a good night’s rest improves my overall mood. I would highly recommend LumaDream and I would definitely continue taking it.”
~Jennifer R. from Pleasant Grove, Utah

“I have a hard time sleeping... but LumaDream had me sleeping the entire night!”

“LumaDream was by far one of the strongest supplements I’ve ever tried. ​ I have a hard time sleeping... but LumaDream had me sleeping the entire night! ​I was waking up feeling fully rested and refreshed. All in all, LumaDream is a great supplement.”
~Victoria C. from Debary, Florida

“I am pleased to have experienced not only a wonderful night’s sleep, but also an improvement in health!”

“I tried LumaDream and was very skeptical at first. A lot of times, other brands have made me feel groggy and fatigued the following morning. I am pleased to have experienced not only a wonderful night’s sleep, but also an improvement in health! I already live a fairly healthy lifestyle, and the effects of LumaDream can only be described as positive. I will continue to use this product regularly.”
~Katalina G. from Westminster, Colorado

So, what makes LumaDream THE MOST effective sleep aid that you won’t find in stores...

Ancient Chinese Herbs and ingredients that are non-habit forming...
and actually WORK.

To put it plainly... other sleep formulas don’t stand a chance to the power and effectiveness of LumaDream.

The reason why so many other sleep aids fall because they are oftentimes jammed with A TON of cheaply made ingredients.

What you get with LumaDream is a precise formula that specifically focuses on fixing your “sleep mechanism” ... and giving your brain and body the reboot it needs.

Another reason other sleep supplements fail is they focus ONLY on getting you to sleep...

Many formulas just make you feel drowsy... and possibly cause severe grogginess the next day.

That's NOT LumaDream's goal.

LumaDream doesn’t just get you to sleep...

LumaDream helps trigger the “rebound effect” ... by helping to re-align your circadian rhythm with the day and night.

Remember, your goal is to “fine tune” your sleeping gears.

  • Making sure your mind and body is prepared for a full night's rest.

  • Keeping you asleep through the ENTIRE night... so you don't wake up at 2 AM and can't get back to sleep.

  • Helping to reduce late night “sleep anxiety” ... where you're afraid you won’t get good rest.

  • Waking up and feeling like you just got THE BEST sleep you've had in years.


“When I began taking LumaDream, I was a little skeptical. But I thought let’s give it atry and WOW. 7 days into taking LumaDream and I was waking up very rested, very serene. My husband noticed the positive attitude right away! I would definitely say LumaDream is a good fit for me.” --Kathyrae K. from Des Moines, Iowa

With LumaDream, there are no more discomforting, sleepless nights where you can’t “shut it down.”

And no more waking up feeling OLD... and then seeing yourself in the mirror and looking ROUGH.

LumaDream provides sleep relief.

You finally have an answer that can help you fall asleep peacefully and naturally.

Here's just one of the MANY positive experiences people have had while taking LumaDream...


So, as you can imagine, I’ve tried many things that claim to give a good night’s rest.

But rather than getting a good night’s rest... nothing happened. Just more of the same... staying up and can’t fall asleep.

With LumaDream, I figured I’d give it a fair chance and start with the recommended dosage.

Even though it was only one capsule, it definitely helped me relax enough to fall asleep in about an hour. This is some powerful stuff!

The next night, I took two capsules instead and it helped me drift off to sleep without struggling to wake up the next day.

I would recommend this supplement to anyone that sometimes deals with sleep issues. I didn’t have to take it every night, so I’d say it’s non-habit forming for anyone who’s concerned about that.”

--Victoria S. from Inglewood, California


Keep in mind... LumaDream contains only pure, extracted ingredients at the PERFECT measurements that work together to specifically get your “sleep mechanism” working as it should.

These all-natural herbs help contribute towards deeper sleep... a wakeful positive morning... and a well-balanced mind throughout your entire day.

...other sleep formulas don’t do this.

  • 12 Powerful Ingredients
    This is MILES ahead of the typical sleep supplement on the market. Other supplements just stick to one or two ingredients... LumaDream knows your “sleep mechanism” needs more in order to achieve REAL rest.

  • 100% All Natural
    Other sleep brands pack their formulas with fillers, additives, and other hidden cheap ingredients. LumaDream only harvests the highest quality ingredients... without a single additive.

  • Easy To Take
    You don’t need to cut out some of your favorite routines like watching late night TV. Everything you need for effective rest is in one easy capsule. Other sleep supplements require you stay in a dark room and not look at any screen before bed. But you take one LumaDream capsule... and you may start to feel it work within minutes!

Just one capsule... and thats it!
“I was able to handle heavy loads of work for long periods of time without getting tired.”

“On the second day, I woke up with a well-rested feeling with minimum grogginess. I was able to get more tasks done at work and home. On the third day, the grogginess subsided, and I felt full of energy. I was able to handle heavy loads of work for long periods of time without getting tired. I also had an increase in memory, stamina, mental clarity, and alertness. Even my overall quality of life has improved!
~Jaimere T. from Atlanta, Georgia

“I experienced a deep, restful sleep. And the next day, I had improvement with my focus.”

“I have trouble getting enough sleep. My daily life is hectic and the idea of waking rested and alert the next day appealed to me. I don’t have trouble falling asleep... just staying asleep. On night one of taking LumaDream, I fell asleep quickly and didn’t toss and turn like normal. I experienced a deep, restful sleep. And the next day, I had improvement with my focus. I also saw an increase in energy once I started LumaDream!
~Stephanie M. from Clarkesville, Georgia

“My clarity of mind lasted longer throughout the day, and my overall feeling of health seemed to have improved.”

“So, the first thing I noticed while taking LumaDream was the ease of which I fell asleep and the consistency of staying asleep. I’ve just come off a night shift job, so my sleep cycle has been wacky, and it’s common I fight insomnia. I felt my rest improve. I was calmer during the day because I got more rest. My clarity of mind lasted longer throughout the day, and my overall feeling of health seemed to have improved.
~Mathew J. from St. Louis, Missouri

But Please Know This...
LumaDream IS NOT Your Average Sleep Formula.

There are PLENTY of unethical sleep formula manufacturers that slap together a pitiful sleep supplement...

And the truth is...

Many of these sleep formula companies focus ONLY on getting you to “conk out”...

But from what you’ve learned in YOUR personalized health report... you know that is 100% the wrong way to get REAL rest.

You need to get your circadian rhythm back on track with the day and the night. You need a complete mind and body REBOOT... not JUST fall asleep.

It’s all about re-aligning your mind, body, and your telomeric age with the natural order of the earth’s revolutions.

Now, here’s what more of our customers are saying about LumaDream...


“My overall experience taking LumaDream was beneficial! LumaDream was very effective as far as falling asleep faster and staying asleep.” ~Marie S. from Lenexa, Kansas


“My experience was immediate restfulness on the first night of taking LumaDream. I felt I had way better mental clarity and a sense of calmness before falling asleep. About halfway through the month, I noticed I began having increased energy that lasted throughout the day. The best part is I feel an improvement in my health and wellness.” ~Paula T. from Nashville, Tennessee


“By the third week, I would get sleepy about 30 to 45 minutes after taking LumaDream. By the end of week three, I really started sleeping without interruptions. LumaDream did help me sleep for much longer periods. I’m also much less sluggish in the morning!” ~Mary M. from Winter Park, Florida

Now, Here’s What LumaDream Is Not...

LumaDream IS NOT the be-all and end-all miracle cure for your sleep problems.

In order for LumaDream to work effectively, it’s important to practice healthy nighttime routines.

In other words... don’t expect LumaDream to do its job if you just drank a full pot of coffee.

You still need to help prep your mind and body by establishing calming and relaxing habits at night.

And when you do start practicing a good bedtime routine...

LumaDream will work WONDERS for your sleep.

And before you know it...

You’ll be sleeping like you used to... the kind of sleep where you wake up in the same position you fell asleep in!

...when’s the last time that happened?

And as you now know... your circadian rhythm is a MAJOR INFLUENCE on your day-to-day routine.

  • It helps with your nightly rest...
  • It helps balance your sleep-wake hormones...
  • It helps promote energy throughout the day...
  • It helps boost mental clarity...

And when your circadian rhythm is balanced... it may help keep your skin looking young and revitalized... no more of that sleep deprived look.

Just by taking LumaDream every night before bed... you’ll be able to “tune up” the gears to your “sleep mechanism” ... and finally get your circadian rhythm back on track.

You’ll sleep better.
You’ll feel better.
You’ll LOOK better.
Now, You Have Two Options...

Option 1: You decide you want to keep doing what you’re doing and receive AWFUL rest. You figure your sleep will “fix itself”. You also continue to SPEED UP your biological clock by shortening your telomeres.

Option 2: You take action TODAY to get your circadian rhythm realigned... your sleep hormones balanced... and your healthy sleeping patterns restored.

And remember... when it comes to bad sleep...

“ are not alone.”

Right now, you have the opportunity to get a FULL night’s rest.... every single night.

No more sleep anxiety...

No more waking up right before your alarm goes off...

And no more groggy “sleep hangover” days at work...

Taking LumaDream is the easiest step to receiving better sleep.

...easier than counting sheep.

...and WAY easier than lying in bed trying to force sleep to happen.

But in order for LumaDream to work effectively, you need to take it over time.

That's why this offer for an all-natural and powerful 12 ingredient formula is just $37.95.

Do this because you need and deserve REAL rest.

Go ahead and place your order below now...

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$37.95 per bottle

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Sleeping Just Got WAY Easier... tmb

Maybe the best thing about LumaDream... and what is most talked about from customers... is how falling asleep becomes almost effortless.

It’s all because of the specific blend of ancient herbs and other ingredients that work in harmony to get you to fall asleep, stay asleep through the night... and wake up in the morning feeling incredible.

It’s not just ONE ingredient that does the job... It’s 12 strong ingredients that are calming, non-habit forming, and actually work.

And here’s another HUGE benefit of getting great rest...

tmb Your Telomeric Age Will Begin To Slow Down...

Do ever wonder why it’s called "beauty rest"?

...that’s because effective sleep can improve your skin and help you look younger and more revitalized.9

When you start sleeping like you should...

...your telomeres will no longer be ATTACKED every single day due to your bad sleeping habits.

Now, picture this...

Once you start taking LumaDream... wake up in the morning and you look at yourself in the mirror and you notice significant positive changes in your facial expression.

  • No more darkened skin around your eyes.

  • No more puffy bags beneath your bottom eyelids.

  • ...and no more looking and feeling WAY older than your actual age.

Soon, you’ll be getting ready for the day with a pep in your step...

...almost as if you just became 5 or 10 years younger!

It’s absolutely the greatest feeling to receive incredible sleep.

And that good night’s rest will get you through your day with a positive attitude and TONS more energy.

...your friends, family, and even co-workers will notice a difference in you.

So, go ahead, select the best option above. Click the button and your order will be processed immediately.

And LumaDream wants to be very clear... there’s ZERO risk...

The LumaDream
60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your improved sleep within the next 60 days... then LumaDream will refund your money with no questions asked.


LumaDream is so confident in their formula... that you could start to feel a positive difference in your sleeping habits within the first week. No joke...

But if you don't experience a positive difference in your sleep cycle... then LumaDream will return your investment... every single penny.

Now that you’ve read all the ground-breaking research on why it’s so important to receive great sleep... know it all comes down to the need of balancing your circadian rhythm. That “sleep mechanism” that re-aligns your sleep-wake cycle with the day and night.

And people that have taken LumaDream are experiencing REAL results.

...and you can experience the same results, too.

And if you don't experience these positive benefits... then your money will be returned with ZERO hard feelings.
  • Beginning to understand what REAL rest feels like. You’ll start to sleep like you used to... effective, peaceful, and mindful rest.

  • Relief from sleep anxiety. Any fears you may have had about not getting enough rest will begin to disappear...

  • Feel like you can handle more during the day. You’ll notice your thought process is working faster. Almost like a fog has been lifted...

  • A supported immune system. Through improved sleeping patterns, your body will be able to “re-charge” and strengthen itself from infections...

  • Phenomenal energy levels. With consistent, effective rest... you’ll begin to wake up with WAY more energy than before... and it lasts the entire day.

  • Better mood. No more waking up on the “wrong side of the bed.” Incredible rest will improve your attitude and make you feel more positive...

  • Rejuvenated complexion. With better sleep, you’ll help slow your premature aging and the shortening of your telomeres... your face and skin will begin to look brighter.

  • Improvement with overall health. Sleeping better can help you make better lifestyle decisions... an increase in motivation to exercise and eat better.

  • People will notice you’re sleeping better. Whether it’s your boss, your friend, or your significant other... people will start to see a “glow” about your overall appearance.

LumaDream is certain you will begin to feel and see positive results.

They have MANY testimonials from real people that at one point used to struggle falling asleep and staying asleep through the night.

...and just like yourself... these people didn’t realize that their bad sleep was shortening their telomeres... those “chromosome caps” that are connected to your longevity.

“I feel like a new man! I have more energy, vitality, and enthusiasm... even for work! (My boss loves me again.) And I have more enthusiasm for life in general! (My girlfriend loves me again.) I sleep all the way through the night, and because of that, so does my girlfriend. Since taking LumaDream, I have experienced mental clarity, alertness, and overall good mood! My girlfriend wants to take it, too!” --Mark W. from Des Moines, Iowa

It's Just One Single Capsule A Night...

Don’t forget... if you don’t see and feel a positive change in your sleeping habits within 60 days, then you can return your order for a full refund.

That’s a total of 3 months!

But to be quite honest... you could potentially see a MASSIVE positive sleep difference within the first week of taking LumaDream...

...maybe even the first night!

You Have The Best Sleep Option
Right In Front Of You...

Now, here’s a question for you...

How much would you spend just to get ONE SINGLE NIGHT of incredible rest?

Twenty bucks...?


A hundred...?

Well, LumaDream is only 97 cents a day...

...that’s less than a single dollar for the best sleep you’ll ever receive.

It’s time you sleep like you used to... when you woke up and felt incredibly motivated to get started with your day.

You deserve the kind of rest where you fall asleep almost as soon as your head hits the pillow.

You need to feel what REAL sleep is like...

With that being said, customers have reported the best LumaDream package for them was the 3-bottle and the 6-bottle deal.

That’s because customers didn’t want to risk running out of LumaDream and having to wait for their new order to get delivered.

So, choose the 3-bottle or the 6-bottle package... (plus, you’ll save the most money that way.)

1 BOTTLE btlbtl


Single Bottle Only Available as Subscription Above

One Bottle / Mo
$37.95 per bottle

3 BOTTLES btlbtl
$99.96 total



Three Bottles / 3 Months
$87.45 / 3 Months

$174.90 total



Six Bottles / 6 Months
$161.70 / 6 Months

You’ve tried everything to fall asleep...

If you’re like the millions of Americans who are not experiencing a healthy sleep cycle... and you feel like a lost cause...

...then today is the day you can change YOUR future.

Just know this... with LumaDream, you CAN sleep like you used to.

You already know what it’s like to not sleep well.

You know the feeling of zero energy the next day.

You’ve been down that path... and it’s horrible.

You need REAL rest. You owe it to yourself.

Give LumaDream a try.

You risk nothing... but gain everything... incredible sleep, improved energy, and rejuvenated skin.

Go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity right now.

And once you’ve experienced the positive sleep results for yourself... LumaDream would love to hear from you.

They want everyone to feel and see what effective rest is like... and then share those stories with others.

...because when it comes to bad sleep... you are not alone.

Make the best decision for your sleep today.

Try LumaDream and feel it work within minutes...

P.S. This is necessary for your health...

Do this now. Select your LumaDream package... click the button below and start with just one capsule of LumaDream at night before bed.

Before you know it, your restlessness will stop.

Your tossing and turning will be long gone.

Your nighttime mental loop will quiet down.

And that’s just the beginning...

Pretty soon you’ll be sleeping through the night...your telomeres will stop getting damaged... your skin will begin to look clearer and glowing... and your energy will be through the roof!

You can start looking forward to all of these benefits and more... and it all comes down to effective rest by balancing your circadian rhythm.

It all starts now...

1 BOTTLE btlbtl


Single Bottle Only Available as Subscription Above

One Bottle / Mo
$37.95 per bottle

3 BOTTLES btlbtl
$99.96 total



Three Bottles / 3 Months
$87.45 / 3 Months

$174.90 total



Six Bottles / 6 Months
$161.70 / 6 Months

One more thing... and this is important.

Think back to a time when you couldn’t sleep and you kept looking at your smartphone or your alarm clock...

...and you almost wanted to cry because you were so tired but ​you just couldn’t fall asleep​.

If this has happened to you... or keeps happening to you... then you could be​ noticing side-effects that come from day-to-day exhaustion.

Sleeplessness is not something to take lightly.

If you do not allow your brain to “reboot”with REAL rest... then you could increase the risk of some major cognitive issues.

It’s time to ​clean your brain​... and it’s necessary to do this every single night.

LumaDream​ is so confident in their ability to help you fall asleep and stay asleep through the night... they even offer a ​90-day money back guarantee​.

...and they already know you’ll feel a difference the first time you take it.

1 BOTTLE btlbtl


Single Bottle Only Available as Subscription Above

One Bottle / Mo
$37.95 per bottle

3 BOTTLES btlbtl
$99.96 total



Three Bottles / 3 Months
$87.45 / 3 Months

$174.90 total



Six Bottles / 6 Months
$161.70 / 6 Months

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can LumaDream REALLY help me sleep?

Yes. 100%. And here’s how it works...

When you take just one or two capsules of LumaDream, it releases its 12 natural ingredients that are then absorbed by your body.

These natural ingredients have been researched and specifically chosen to help calm your mind and body, and encourage you to fall asleep for a full night’s rest.

The reason why you aren’t sleeping well at night is most likely because your “sleep mechanism” or your circadian rhythm is off.

This is not uncommon. Due to a busy lifestyle that may include work, school, and family, your circadian rhythm can easily become imbalanced.

Now, when you begin to get REAL rest with the help of LumaDream, then you’ll be able to re-align your sleep and wake hormones with the day and night.

Q. Will LumaDream make me feel groggy?

No. However, you may need to adjust to the ancient herbs and other sleep ingredients LumaDream. So, if you do experience any feelings that are out of the ordinary in the morning, they will subside and eventually disappear once your body gets comfortable with the proprietary blend.

LumaDream IS NOT just a sleep aid. It’s specifically made to “re-adjust” and FIX the root cause of your bad sleep, which is re-aligning your circadian rhythm. Therefore, it may take some time for your body to get comfortable with the formula.

Q. Are you saying my circadian rhythm is “out of sync”?

If you say “yes” to the following symptoms, then your circadian rhythm or your “sleep mechanism” is most likely imbalanced and out of sync with the earth’s revolutions.

  • You wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.
  • It takes you WAY too long to fall asleep.
  • You are easily wakened right after falling asleep.
  • You don’t sleep through the night (e.g., you wake up often).
  • You toss and turn in bed and can’t get comfortable.
  • You feel groggy and low energy the next day.

If you are experiencing any of those issues, then it is in your best interest to try LumaDream today.

1 BOTTLE btlbtl


Single Bottle Only Available as Subscription Above

One Bottle / Mo
$37.95 per bottle

3 BOTTLES btlbtl
$99.96 total



Three Bottles / 3 Months
$87.45 / 3 Months

$174.90 total



Six Bottles / 6 Months
$161.70 / 6 Months


Q. LumaDream seems expensive. What makes it so special?

LumaDream is not your average sleep supplement you find at your grocery store.

Many other sleep formulas pack their supplement with just melatonin. But taking a supplement that only contains melatonin can make it habit forming.

That means your body may naturally slow down its own melatonin production and begin to rely solely on a cheaply made melatonin supplement.

LumaDream is made with melatonin and 11 other natural ingredients including ancient Chinese herbs that all work together to promote mindful rest and increased energy.

LumaDream is non-habit forming. It works with just one or two capsules, and you will not have to increase the dosage.

LumaDream’s ingredients are also very difficult to harvest. These are not ingredients you can simply find at the grocery store and hope to make it yourself. It takes experts to get the measurement of the proprietary blend just right, or else it won’t work.

Q. Are there any side-effects?

The only side-effect that was reported by LumaDream customers was the overwhelming sense of peace and calmness as they drifted off to sleep.

No joke!

LumaDream has ZERO known negative side-effects.

Remember, LumaDream is not made in some lab with a mixture of hard to pronounce ingredients that your doctor prescribes you.

No. LumaDream is made using only the highest quality of all natural ingredients that have been known for YEARS to help lessen feelings of anxiety and promote a sense of calm for a fulfilling night’s rest.

Q. Can I take LumaDream with other medications?

If you are on other medications, especially sleeping medications, then it is absolutely necessary for you to check with a medical professional before you begin taking LumaDream.

The great thing about LumaDream is its potency and efficacy. So, if you do happen to be stuck taking prescription sleeping medications, LumaDream could potentially replace those expensive pills for a much more powerful and healthy alternative!

Q. Do I need to keep LumaDream in the refrigerator?

No. The ingredients in LumaDream are strong and don’t need to be kept in the refrigerator. You can simply keep your bottle of LumaDream in your medicine cabinet.

Q. How soon will LumaDream start working for me?

You may begin to notice LumaDream working on the very first night you take it! However, many customers have reported that it takes a few days, up to a week or more, to experience LumaDream’s full potential.

And if your circadian rhythm has been off-balanced for a long time, then it’s recommended to take LumaDream up to 60 days to experience full “sleep mechanism” re-alignment.

Q. When should I take LumaDream?

For best results, it’s recommended to take one to two capsules of LumaDream an hour before bed.

You should not operate any heavy machinery, including driving, after taking LumaDream.

Q. Can LumaDream really help with premature aging?

The short answer: yes. Your overall health and wellness are very much connected to your sleeping habits.

When you don’t sleep well, this can lead to stress, and stress may cause your telomeres (i.e., chromosome caps) to shorten. As mention earlier, when your telomeres are shortened, it can speed-up your lifespan, causing you to age way too fast.

LumaDream gets you back to the basics... helping you experience REAL rest, which may help fight premature aging and promote healthier looking skin.

Q. Can I purchase LumaDream on Amazon?

Yes. However, it’s most likely coming from a 3rd party individual hoping to make money off this very popular sleep supplement.

So, they will probably be charging you WAY more than what’s being offered right now.

Choose your package below. Again, there’s ZERO risk to you, and a 90- day money back guarantee.

Click the button now and sleep like you used to...

1 BOTTLE btlbtl


Single Bottle Only Available as Subscription Above

One Bottle / Mo
$37.95 per bottle

3 BOTTLES btlbtl
$99.96 total



Three Bottles / 3 Months
$87.45 / 3 Months

$174.90 total



Six Bottles / 6 Months
$161.70 / 6 Months


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